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Browse our unique projects completed with Walnut wood. Walnut is a great material to be used for flooring, furniture, cabinets and other projects. Scroll over the pictures to read more information about the project and species pictured.


This clean, modern style is perfectly pulled off with the blonde tones of Walnut.


This Walnut flooring has a completely different look, boasting warm, chocolatey colors.

Post Oak Barn Door

Barn Doors are a great accent piece for any home or office, fitting in modern rooms or farmhouses.

Open Concept Kitchen

These oak floors are warm and inviting, perfect for your classic home or office.

Accent Wall

Oak makes great siding, adding warmth and character to walls. These accents update the look in this home, adding an eye-catching focal point.

Oak Flooring

Oak floors complete the look for this rustic farmhouse.

Walnut’s Best Qualities

Coffee Bean


This hardwood is moisture-resistant and able to withstand the wear and tear of everyday life.

Coffee Bean

Finishes Well

Walnut is able to soak up finishes well, making it ideal for furniture and cabinetry.

Coffee Bean

Unique Grain

While straighter than oak wood, walnut’s grain is tight but winds and flows.







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