We Can Help Your DIY Project

Custom Milling

Our state-of-the-art sawmill allows us to take logs and mill them into slabs to be used for any project. You provide the need, we provide the service.

Kiln Drying

Drying wood is one of the most important steps in producing quality lumber. Wood that is not dried will warp and twist over time, quickly ruining projects. If you already have slabs you would like dried, you can rent space in our dehumidification kiln, putting you on your way to finishing your lumber well.


If you already have dried slabs that need to be flattened, straightened and squared, our industrial jointer can help. Our jointer is precise and will help your project stay clean and correct.


Once your slabs have been jointed, our planer quickly brings them down to uniform thickness. We utilize a helical cutterhead that ensures minimal tearout, saving you time sanding.  

Custom Finishing

Some customers have slabs that they need finished. Redeemed Texas Hardwoods can finish products to suit all your needs, from highly durable, commerical floor finishes to 100% VOC-free, food-safe finishes.

Custom Furniture

From dining room tables to dog kennels and everything in between, we can make your project happen. Our team of craftsmen use their extensive knowledge of wood to make your vision a reality.






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