Browse a few of our hardwood flooring options. From farmhouse to modern and everything in between, Redeemed Texas Hardwoods has beautiful flooring for your home or office.

Flooring Options

Mixed Hardwoods


Mixed hardwoods are a great option for people who want their floor to be extra eye-catching. The sky is the limit for what hardwoods can be mixed, so you can be sure your floor is one-of-a-kind. Any of the flooring you see below can be mixed to create the look you want.

Reclaimed Oak


Reclaimed oak flooring shows unique character in any household or business. The color variations and nail holes ensure that no two floors will ever be the same. Oak is highly sought after due to its density, stability and overall resistance to moisture. Our reclaimed oak flooring is available with the natural weathered patina, skip planed face, or smooth face. This flooring is a great statement piece whether you are building a cabin in the woods or flooring a loft in uptown Dallas.

Reclaimed Pine


Reclaimed pine flooring combines character with pronounced grains and knots. Our antique pine flooring hearkens back to an age gone by. These floors were prominent in Victorian homes and provide a timeless and classic look for any home. The antique pine boasts a Janka hardness that is similar to Red and White Oak, providing a floor that will gain new life for another 100 years.

Smooth Oak


Smooth oak flooring reveals all of the character associated with reclaimed wood. Rich color variations and tight grain patters can be expected when dealing with smooth reclaimed oak, which can produce a clean and classy look.

Texas Post Oak


Texas Post Oak flooring shares many of the desirable characteristics of White Oak, with its water resistance and overall durability. These Texas Post Oak trees are sourced from Northeast Texas and boast knots and markings unique to Post Oak. This flooring provides a wealth of character and color variations.

Texas Pecan


Pecan is one of the hardest and most durable floors we have available. Predominantly used for flooring, pecan boasts beautiful color variations from light blondes, honey browns, and deep chocolate browns.

Black Walnut


Texas Black Walnut is a mighty tree mainly found in East Texas. While the heart of the tree possesses deep purples and chocolate browns, character-grade walnut provides dark browns mixed with blonde tones. The wood is very durable and resistant to moisture, making it ideal for flooring, furniture, cabinets and other projects. Black Walnut can transition from an everyday floor to the most elegant of floors.







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