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A family-owned sawmill and reclaimed wood supplier


/rə’dēm/ verb (used with object). to restore.

At Redeemed Texas Hardwoods we see the potential value in lumber that many have abandoned. We desire to restore wood to its full potential and repurpose it for something greater.

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We see what lumber could be and work to make that a reality.

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Enhancing the story in every piece of lumber, reclaimed or freshly milled.

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We believe in providing only the best materials to our customers.

We Create Custom Furniture

Using reclaimed wood or milled and dried slabs, our team takes care to create quality furniture with a story. Whether you have a complete picture in your head of a piece you want, or just an idea, we will help your dream come to life.

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Our Gallery

See our portfolio of past projects. Whatever your dream is, we can help it come to life.

Our Story

In 2016, Drew Baxter began work as a wood supplier. What began as a simple job became much more—a passion. He quickly realized that every piece of lumber has a unique story, telling in its grain how many years it grew, the trials it endured, and the purpose it served. Just as people can be redeemed from their past to be a part of a greater purpose, Drew understood that wood could be redeemed just the same. Out of this understanding came Redeemed Texas Hardwoods, a company committed to redeeming the character and quality out of lumber.

Our Team

Meet the Baxter brothers, wood enthusiasts and craftsmen. Each brings their own piece of expertise to the team, creating a team with a wide variety of skills.

Drew Baxter

Drew Baxter


Jake Baxter

Jake Baxter


Cade Baxter

Cade Baxter

Furniture Craftsman







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