Wood Species

Redeemed Texas Hardwoods boasts a wide range of wood species, from native Texas lumber to species from throughout the United States. Browse just a few of our wood species to give you some direction on your next project.


Texas Post Oak

Hosts desirable characteristics such as durability, water resistance, color variation and overall stability.

Reclaimed Oak

Our reclaimed oak is sourced from barns built in the 1800s, with distinctive circle saw marks and color variation only time and weather can achieve.

White Oak

White oak produces a clean and classy look. It boasts bold color variations and tight grain patterns.


Long Leaf Pine

Long leaf pine is known for its density and classic style, often found in antique churches, schoolhouses and craftsmen homes across Texas.

Eastern White Pine

Lightweight and extremely durable, Eastern White Pine boasts pronounced knots and a honey brown coloring.

Rough-Sawn Pine

Reclaimed pine has unique character due to its weathered patina and its original mill profile.

Native Texas Hardwoods

Texans are known for their state pride. At Redeemed Texas Hardwoods, we take pride in the hardwoods native to God’s favorite state.


Oak is dense, full of knots and character. Ranging from light to dark in color, it is versatile in taking stains and finishes.


Boasts beautiful red and brown color tones, in either light or dark colors. It is known for being durable and scratch resistant.

Black Walnut

Black walnut boasts deep purples and chocolate browns, or blonde tones in the sapwood. It is ideal for flooring, cabinetry and furniture.


Pecan wood can have color variations from light blondes, honey browns, and deep chocolate browns.







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