Live Edge White Oak Slab – $532

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Price – $532

Width – 17-21 inches
Length – 112 inches
Thickness – 3 inches
Texas White Oak
Cut – April 2022
Moisture Content: 20%
Message us For a Shipping Quote – Lower 48 states only
Location- Royse City, Texas


Live Edge White Oak Slab

**Message us for a Shipping Quote**

Texas White Oak (Querecus Alba) A large forest or shade tree to 100 feet tall and a trunk to 3 feet or more in diameter, with a broad, rounded crown of dense foliage. Open grown specimens often develop a short trunk and far-reaching limbs. Heavy, strong, hard, tough, close-grained, durable, and light brown in color, its uses include construction, watertight barrels, furniture, wagons, tool handles, cabinets, and flooring. Oaks can be separated into two main groups: white oaks and red oaks. While oak wood is often used to make barrels of many kinds, only wood from the white oak group can be used for watertight barrels because the pores in its wood are blocked by structures called “tyloses” that don’t allow liquids to leak out.

This slab would be great for desks, counter tops, bar tops, dining tables and more.

Slabs will have checks, minor cracks, spalting, saw marks, bark inclusions, bug holes and other characteristics associated with live edge material.

We have more live edge edge slabs available for pick up. We’re located in Royse City, Texas. Contact us for additional photos, dimensions or for inquiries on our other inventory!


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